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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Praise God!

(feel free to personalize this prayer: say I instead of we, me instead of us, my instead of our.)

Thank you Lord for loving us.

We come to you knowing that you first loved us.

Jesus we love you, Father we love you, Holy Spirit we love you.

Bless us, keep us; assist us Lord.

We need your help.

Jesus thank you that you have provided us with your word - your word is truth. Holy Spirit guide us as we study the word of God. Teach us in the way we should go, that as we mature we might not depart from it.

We ask you for opportunity to serve you.

Lord put before us those that need your touch.

Guide us that we might plant, water, or assist in your harvest.

Give us opportunity to help those in the body of Christ with prayer, encouragement, and any actions you know they will require.

Give us the courage and wisdom to assist as the needs arise.

Lord God with your assistance we know we will be able to do, or refrain from doing, exactly the right things.

We know all things work together for our good, we love you, and we are the called according to your purpose.

We abandon self-condemnation of our past, you have forgiven us and turned the past to good.

In your word we find a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. Help us to determine to stay on your path.

Lord as you have patience with us, let us have patience with fellow Christians. You know our frame, that we are but dust; keep us aware that our brothers and sisters are but dust also.

We commit our ways to you.

In the holy name of Jesus Christ we love you and enter into fellowship with you now - - -


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