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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Big Words Can Hide Simple Truths

There is a pleasure in using big words.

The pleasure is more than just ego food. Our big words can lend an air of power to what we say.

I remember a poet once told me, "Never use a word you are proud of."

A screenwriter told me not to use words that are to exact. He said that while touching his nose. "Right on the nose words," he was saying, "are wrong."

Big words lock out those that have to guess at their meaning.

Big words form an
in-crowd, and an out-crowd.

Christianity is so simple, you have to be trained to not understand it.

If you catch me trying to impress with big words, leave a comment. In fact, if you catch me in any way making it sound like Christianity is complex, comment.

I know there are mysteries in the Christian faith that are beyond our understanding. We did not make God in our image; God is who he is. It would be a very small god indeed if his total being could be easily explained and understood.

A relationship with God is easy to attain, he constructed the relationship for us.

Lord God,

Thank you for loving us even when we ignored you. Keep us aware of who we are in you, and why in Jesus we can be so respected by you. Help us to share the good news that you have shared with us.

Jesus, thank you for paying the price for my errors. I ask that you keep me aware of the areas in my life you want to fix next. I know the list is long, thank you for your patience.

Holy Spirit, Thank you for first showing me the error I was living. Thank you for coming beside me and helping me. But most of all I thank you for the love that you show me. That love overflows and touches others. I am filled to overflowing with your presence. Let me continue to walk in you as you live in me.

I give up my claim to be proud or boastful, remind me when I err.

In Jesus Name


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