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Saturday, December 31, 2005

What We Were Made For

Our lives serve several purposes.

I had a talk with an epicurean friend. He said he was smart enough to know there is a God, but selfish enough to experience all the sensual things the world has to offer. His defining statement for his personal philosophy was "I am a greyhound bred to run, Christianity would be a cage that would limit my real being.

The Lord gave me the proper response. My friend was more like a fish, born to one medium, but desiring another. He was flopping on the shore in the "freedom" of air; denying the reality of his design.

Fish were made to swim in water.

Birds were created to fly through the air.

Man was made to share a relationship with God.

Secure that relationship right now.

Once you have that personal relationship with the living God, you will find he has a plan for your life that suits you perfectly. You may have several specific purposes on this earth, all of them within God's plan.

You can only experience fullness of life when you are doing
what you were made for.


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