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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fighting God


We all make mistakes. We all are sinners, missing the mark on the target. We all fall short of our high calling in Jesus Christ.

We all can have forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

But what if a brother does something that sets our teeth on edge?


You just might be the one that is wrong. If you start arguing before you pray you might find yourself fighting God.

Read the Bible, and pray some more. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you into the truth of the matter.

I say things here that annoy folks, but it is what I have gleaned from the scripture. I may be wrong. If after you have prayed and studied the Bible you still believe I am in error, let me know. Then it is my turn to pray and study the word. I will.

Some examples sure to get someone upset. I am not relating these to get someone upset, but because I believe they are true problems in today's church. We will just hit three right now.

1) Sin is Sin. If you are not in Christ Jesus even your charitable work is sin. This brings up a big problem. Gossip is a sin. Causing division in the church is a sin. Do you talk about brothers disdainfully, do you gossip? Churches that focus on sins of those outside the church, particularly one type of sin, miss the point. Preach about a relationship with Jesus to those outside, preach on the quest for holiness to those inside, and clean up your own sin before you point out other's sins.

2) Being more fervent about politics and your country than about God. God must come first. Those things that belong to God need to be subject to God. More prayer and Bible study. A case in point, your children. Did you dedicate your children to the Lord? If you have they are his, not your government's. Pray to God and seek his will for your children. Should you move to another country that has freedom of religion? Should your kiddos be home schooled, or put in a private school? They are God's children if you have given them too him, ask him to lead you to what is the right path. Be led not by emotion, but by every word of God.

3) Giving to God. If you are not a Christian, we do not want your money. If you are a Christian, you have been bought with a great price. Ask God what to do with your money and your life. Don't be legalistic, don't respond to emotional pleas; ask God. Seek God's will with prayer and fasting in all things. Don't settle for an easy way out. If you have little, give of your little if God so directs; he has promised to pay it back, and he is good for it. As he expands you, give more at his direction, - You can not out give God. As a Christian it is your responsibility to give, but seek to only give where God directs. Set aside what God says is the right amount, pray over it, follow his will. Don't worry about ministries that might fail for lack of support; if God is with them they will remain.

The basics: God is love, he loves you and yours more than you do. God is smarter and wiser than you. If God leads, Follow. The path walked following God will be to everyone's benefit, your, your children's, your churches, God's kingdom, - everyone.

Trust God.

Read the Bible.


Do God's Will.

Jesus Is Lord!