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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Life Of Faith And Miracles


This was the life of George Muller.

Your life can also be one of faith and miracles.

Muller's was not an instant ministry, but one borne of trust and dependency on God over a period of many years.

When in 1854 The scriptural Knowledge Institution For Home And Abroad was founded by Muller, they held to these seven principles. (The links are of course ours.)

  1. "We consider every believer bound - to help the cause of Christ."
  2. "We never intend to ask unconverted persons of rank or wealth to countenance this Institution - In the name of God we set up our banners."
  3. "We do not mean to ask unbelievers for money."
  4. "We reject altogether the help of unbelievers in managing - the affairs of the Institution."
  5. "We intend never to enlarge the field of labor by contracting debts - but in secret prayer - we shall carry the wants of the Institution to the Lord, and act according to the means that God shall give us."
  6. We do not reckon the success of the Institution by the amount of money given - but by the Lord's blessing upon the work."
  7. "We desire to go simply according to the Scripture, without compromising the truth."
I do not wish to imply that Junior Partner Ministries is on par with the institution Muller founded that housed and fed thousands of orphans by faith alone. But we, those of us and you that serve the risen Christ, serve the same Jesus that so rewarded the faith of Muller.

If we will allow God to work in us, he will do great things through us also.

If you have accepted Jesus as your savior - follow God.

Don't ask for money of men - ask God who provides liberally.

Don't ask for approval or help from unbelievers.

Don't borrow for the Gospels sake - if God wants it, he can afford it.

God is our Righteous Judge - his approval and blessing is our measurement of success.

Scripture, not the traditions of men, is our guideline.

Live a life of faith and miracles.

Jesus is Lord!

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