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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Deal is on the Table

God has offered you the perfect deal.

When you are shopping for a big ticket item, you are frequently told, "this is the deal of the century." If you keep shopping you will find the deal of the century comes about every two weeks.

God is not talking hype, he has an offer in front of you right now. It is the deal of eternity.

I used to manage real estate offices. If someone came in and looked at houses to buy, and didn't buy, they probably wouldn't return. Even if the house was perfect for them, the price and terms great; they probably wouldn't return. A salesman's job was to ask enough questions to discover what the client wanted, and then help the client make the decision that was best for the client. If the client insisted on "thinking it over" they became overwhelmed by the complexities of a transaction and usually would not return.

God makes contracts with men. Another word for contracts is covenant, another word for covenant is testament. The Bible has an Old and a New Testament. There is an Abrahamic Covenant that God made with Abraham and his descendents. There are many other covenants made in scripture between God and man. The most recent and final covenant is between you and God, with Jesus as the mediator. This contract does not have a list of laws, it is a blood brotherhood with Jesus, you can be adopted into the family of God.

God, who is worthy of praise and worship, has put a contract in front of you. Jesus gave up his life so you could have a more abundant life. It is now time for you to give up your life and become part of God's family. Your citizenship will change, you will become a citizen of heaven, and an ambassador of Christ to Earth. Everything will change, there is no way to grasp from the outside how total a metamorphosis is involved.

A type of the change is the picture of Noah. God determines what you will keep, you will go through a period of rapid change, and you will emerge into a brand new, very different world.

This new world is the reality you have sought. All around you have seen glimpses of a spiritual dimension that you could not apprehend. Take God's offer and the Spirit of God will apprehend you.

You could put it off. You can "just think about it." If you do you will probably not return.

The offer will still be there, but the cares of this world will wrap you up so that you consider it a close escape; rather than a possibly final opportunity at the deal of eternity.

God loves you more than you love anything, including yourself. God gave himself for you that you might have the best available life and eternity. God is wiser and smarter than you are. Accept his offer, accept Christ as your lord and savior. Make the commitment to let God change you, then follow where he leads.

Even if you don't die tonight, right now is the time of your salvation. If you walk away you will probably never come back to this opportunity.

Paul said "To live is Christ, to die is gain." If you want the best, and only the best, live your life for the one who gave his life for you.

There will be no better price, there will be no better terms. The offer is on the table, make the commitment to yourself, God, and everyone else by doing the right thing.

God Bless,

Jesus is Lord!