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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Chess Game

Consider life as being like a chess game.

The difference is that in life there are over 6 billion pieces, and they move themselves whenever they want.

We are each just one piece, and we can't even see the whole chess board.

God sees the whole board, he is more than smart and wise enough to move you in a way that is good for you, for others, and for his kingdom.

The best play is to trust the chess master.

Listen, then follow where the Holy Spirit leads.

Father God we thank you for your love and guidance.

Direct us we pray, help us to listen and respond to you.

Bless our efforts Lord Jesus - turn them to good. We love you and are the called according to your purpose.

Bless what we have said and done and what we have left unsaid and undone.

We turn our lives over to you for we know you first loved us.

Holy Spirit teach us to respond to your love and direction.
Father we come before you now - cleansed by the blood of Jesus ---