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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two Questions About God

There are two types of questions we receive about our faith.

The first is combative, expecting argument -- with a list of puzzles the presenter expects to stump a Christian.

If you answer the first question, they will ignore the answer and go to another question - and on and on. These questions are not seeking truth, they are products of a closed mind and an ego that is a spring holding their mind shut.

A sample would be "How can you say the Bible is true when Science proves otherwise?"

If you handle this by asking "If I answer your question will you be ready to accept Jesus as your Savior?" They will likely answer "never," and ask another argumentative question.

Their goal is to confuse you and to prove themselves superior.

A reasonable answer would be: "you do not want to know -- you want to argue. A god that could be fully explained to you would be a very small god indeed. God is who he is, he is not made in our image, we are made in his."

Arguments of days or months will not sway them either, only the conviction of the Holy Spirit will reach them. Pray for them and leave them to their silly arguments unless guided otherwise.

A sincere question is the second type we will be asked. This question comes from someone that hopes we can expand their understanding.

Pray for yourself that you will be open to the Holy Spirit and able to communicate truth.

We come before you Holy Father knowing you have forgiven us in Jesus name.

Take our lives lord, we offer them up to you.

Fill us to overflowing with your spirit, that we might splash knowledge of your grace on others.

Bless us and lead us, help us to understand your love and help us to grow closer to you.

We commit to you lord, our lives are yours. Give us wisdom that we may know what you desire of us. Give us strength that we might follow your will once we perceive it.

Keep us lord, there is so much that might distract us from you.

Bless us, bless our service.

In Jesus Christ's name we now present ourselves before your throne ---


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