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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jesus is Lord!


I tend to end messages with Jesus is Lord but after last Wednesdays message it seemed appropriate to use it in greeting. If you want a review of who rules your life, look at the prior post.

Jesus is Lord!

Do you mean it? Are you willing to do as he asks, when and where he asks? Are you willing to have people point and stare and say "how unchristian," unfairly, as you do God's will.

Since they of course will say "how unchristian" even if you don't do his will, it is better to be condemned for doing the right things. You cannot and will not please everyone, concentrate therefore on pleasing God.

If you have Jesus as your lord you are in a good place. God is smarter and wiser than you are, and he loved you so much Jesus died for you. Obeying the Holy Spirit is doing what is best for you, your family, your world, and Christ's Kingdom.

Your dedication to Jesus must come before anything else. Read the Bible, Pray, get to know the man of peace. God is your source, start with him.

Follow Jesus.

Jesus is Lord!


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