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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Follow Jesus Christ; our midweek post


If you have not yet decided to follow Jesus hit that accept Jesus now link above.

This is a bit of a different post for us, but one that may be helpful to you. A major source of stress we encounter is due to a lack of congruence. We have so many things going so many different ways in our lives, we end up fighting with ourselves.

There is a secret to removing stress from your life.

Pray. Follow God's lead. Pray.

Pray that as your only priority you will follow where God leads. All other life goals can by your choice be put into submission to God's will. God is smarter than you are, God is wiser than you are, God loves you more than you love yourself. If you truly want what is best for you, your family, the church, for everyone; do as God asks. God is more than big enough to work all things together for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

Your one goal is to follow Jesus. At work - follow Jesus. At school - follow Jesus. At home - follow Jesus. At every decision point pray, and be determined to follow Jesus.

Pray that God will help you align all of your conscious and all of your unconscious drives with your one primary goal, to follow Jesus. Each time you find a problem or opportunity, pray and follow God's will. Seek to get closer to God. Read the Bible to learn God's voice and what he has said. God will not contradict himself, knowledge of his word will help keep you from error.

There can be great power in your life with this congruence of your motivations into one driving force. Everything working in the same direction relieves stress and multiplies the effects of each action.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6: 9, 10

Think of your life as covered by an umbrella that has written on it I will follow God.

Make it personal. My life goal is summed up by an umbrella over all I have done, said, or neglected to do or say. In faith, that umbrella over my life says what I want to hear as I leave this world: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

I have the forgiveness earned by Christ, with his blood, for my errors; but I re-dedicate myself now to seek God's will in all areas of my life. I know there is great peace in pointing all of my personal goals in one direction; following Jesus.

Jesus is Lord!

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