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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Notes from a young missonary, Kara Henrickson


A Teenager grows in the lord.

"God did a lot of amazing things while I was there. We
saw people get healed right before our eyes. It was so
cool to see how God could use me.

I can’t wait for next year. I will be going back
again. But, next time I want to go for 2 months. I
feel like God is telling me there is more he wants me
to do in Peru. There are a lot more people that need
to be

Even though most of our team was sick for most of the
trip God helped us to give it our all. To give it all
we had each and everyday. It was awesome to see
people’s lives transformed right before our eyes.
When we were doing our drama, I saw peoples hearts
softened by God and I got to see them go up for the
alter call and give their life to Christ. The total
number of people that got saved when I was there was:
2,488 people. For the whole summer it was: 26,415
people. It was so awesome.

God also helped/told me that I don’t need a guy to
fulfill the love that I need. He said,”I can fill that
love/ that hole in your heart. I will help you get
through the things that you go through in life. I am
here for you.” He sent me people on my team to help me
with my separation anxiety when I was there. I am so
thankful that I got to have this opportunity. We had a
team of 62 people and we all became like family for a
month and we are still family. And God did a lot of
things for us.

He provided us to be able to share the gospel wherever
we went and helped us to always have permission when
we got there. So, we didn’t have to go find somewhere
else to go. We got to go into a catholic church and
see what they do in their services and we did a prayer
walk in the church. I prayed and asked God to show
them that they don’t need to worship idols. That they
need to worship him and the only way they can get to
heaven is through Him.

When we were out ministering we asked each person a
question, “If you were to die today would you go to
heaven or to hell? Why? It opened up a way for us to
tell them that they could know where they were going
to go right in that moment. It was cool to see what
people said. Because, you could tell that God was
working in them through that question.

On this trip I lead someone to the Lord for the first
time. I really thank God for letting me go on this
trip. He really taught me a lot of things. And He
changed my life completely. I will never go back to
the way I was before.

I’m so excited about the things God is going to do
here. I have a passion for the people here in Peru.
I’m going to keep winning people for God. I want to
see people here on earth in heaven. I don’t want the
blood to be on my hands if they go to hell, because I
didn’t share the love of God with them. I want to
spend eternity with them. I want them to know how much
God loves them. I want them to know that God wants to
be their friend and that he wants to hear from them,
and what they are going through. God broke my heart
for the people of Peru.

He also broke my heart for the nations. I want to keep
telling the world about Jesus Christ and His love for
them. I hope that a lot more people will get saved.
I’ve learned how to talk to God about everything that
is going on in my life. During the whole trip God kept
giving me a verse and it was so true. The verse was:
Luke 11:9-10 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be
given to you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it
will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives,
and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will
be opened.”

Those verses hit me really hard. If I ask God for Peru
or for the nations, God will give them to me. God has
been speaking into my life a lot lately. God is
telling me who to pray for and He tells me verses that
He wants me to tell people. He gives me things like
prophetic words to tell people. God is so amazing. He
is going to help me win more people to him.

God blessed me to meet a lot of new people/friends on
my trip. And we are all going to keep in contact all
62 of us. He helped me to find an accountability
partner her name is Amber and a mentor her name is
from my team. It was awesome to see how many people
were passionate for the lost. God changed a lot of us
while we where there. It was cool to see the people on
your team be changed by God right in front of you.

God has been telling me the people who haven’t come to
know him yet. And he tells me that I need to talk to
those people. God is telling me that if I have any
problems with people that I need to talk to them about
it and not go to higher authorities on it. It’s better
to make up with those people than going through
someone else.

God revealed so many things to me on this trip. He
helped me know that he is always there for me even
though it doesn’t seem like it. He will always be
there no matter what I’m going through. I don’t think
I will ever be the same again after this trip. My life
is changed forever. I believe that God is going to
keep changing it. He’s going to make me a new person
in him. God helped me to make so many new friends on
this trip. It was so cool.

God has done so many things in my life and the life of
some people in Peru. It was awesome to see so many
people give their lives to Christ. It was so cool to
lead my first person to Christ in Peru. That shows me
that God really wants to use me for his glory. He
wants me to do work for him. I’ve noticed that the
people that I see everyday may not be going to heaven
and if I don’t talk to them about Jesus and that he
died on the cross for their sins that I may not see
them in heaven. It was so nice to go a month without
having an option of listening to any secular music.

But, now that I’ve come back I start to pick up the
habits that I’m used too. Please pray that God will
help me give them up to him and that it won’t be too
hard. We were at this place where we were going to do
the drama and we went over to this lady and invited
her to come and see the drama. Well, she was deaf and
we think she had forgotten how to talk. And so we
prayed for her to be healed and I’m still praying for
her. I wanted her to get saved but we didn’t know how
because she was deaf. But, God will put somebody in
her life to help her come to know him and I will
hopefully be able to do it next year. But, if I don’t
get to I hope that somebody can. I’m not for sure
where I’m going next year. All I know is that I am
going on another mission’s trip and God is going to do
a lot of things in me and in the people of wherever I
go. He will also change my life some more and it’s
going to be awesome.

God does so many amazing things each and everyday.
Satan was totally attacking our team on this trip. He
attacked us by making us all sick for the whole trip.
Some of the team got hurt and all of that was a work
of Satan. But, God helped us to give it our all no
matter how we were feeling. And God is still helping
me to get through each and everyday even though I
still don’t feel good. I’m still trying to win people
to Christ. I wake in the morning and say,”where is my
team we’re supposed to go out for ministry today. And
I think that I will keep doing ministry until I die or
until I go next summer and then when I come back after
that I will keep doing it."

We grow throughout our life if we will let Jesus lead.

Jesus is Lord!