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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mid Week service; Are you Called?


This is not a plea for you to serve in the missions field.

If you have accepted Jesus as your lord and savior, he has a plan for your life. Often we let inertia direct us. A little push here, an impression there, and we stumble along toward a goal not picked by us or God.

A well meaning Pastor suggests we attend the denomination's college. A speaker Mentions that his large missionary group is always looking for qualified (college graduate) missions candidates. We head off to school, never having asked God what he wants.


This is the rest of your life you are talking about. Take some time, a week up at a cabin in prayer and fasting might be a good start. Study God's word, the Bible, and get to know God's voice. Don't commit until you are sure it is God leading.

Once you are following God's direction, allow him to tell you to change direction. God may point you toward a school, head that direction, but don't lock yourself in. God may have had you go there to meet someone, then he can send you in a new direction, if you will listen.

You have free will, and you are surrounded by people with free will. This is like a huge chess game where the pieces can decide to move themselves. It is a good thing that God is smart and wise enough to direct your life on a "real time" basis. The Christian walk is played out minute by minute, for eternity.

American Football is played on a field of 100 yards, but the winner is determined by several results controlled by inches. A first down just missed, a field goal bouncing in rather than out, a catch made on the fingertips; these close decisions keep changing the course of the game.

Your life is played for eternity, the success of your life is determined by several results controlled by following God's smallest direction. When God has you moving, expect to get changes in direction as the game board changes. Keep studying the playbook, the Bible, so as to be ready for what is coming next.

The world is changing, we are leaving the industrial society, and moving toward an information age. As the size of an enterprise necessary to be effective shrinks, your most effective ministry organization may be small; but to be effective it must be Christ led. God may have you work in a large ministry, just be open to any call the Holy Spirit makes. In I Corin Paul said "I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some."

Rather than being part of a large ministry Jesus may have you working on your own, or with a few similar small ministries. He may have you start today, or give you the vision today and start in thirty years. God may have you change your outreach, as God pulled Philip out of the great revival he was conducting and sent him walking off into the desert, Acts 8: 5 to the end of the chapter.

If you think you are called, read the four gospels and the whole book of Acts; this is your first training in missions. If you know you are called, go out and do as you have just read. If you are not ready to go, ask God to lead you to those that can train you; and spend much time in study of the Bible and prayer. Don't listen to any man that tells you to ignore what God said, and what he will say to you. God is not dead, he is not just a historical figure, he does not slumber, he wants to do great works through those that are dedicated to him.

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. II Chron 9a

Don't be loyal to men or men's organizations; be loyal to Christ. Seek God as to where, when, and how you will serve.

Stay flexible, listen to God. Act!

Jesus is Lord!