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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lydia Wallace, a Young missionary's message

The missionary's stories ....

I had never thought of myself as a life changer, or as a Bible thumper.

Going to Peru to do missions a year ago never even crossed my mind. I thought I would just spend another summer sitting in front of the ocean, relaxing in the hot sun while working on my tan.

But thats not what happened.

I found myself on a plane to Peru in early July. The anxiety kicked in somewhere over the ocean. I realized I had made a mistake.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

I have just a few stories of my own. later on others will be sending in their own stories..

On our first day of ministries we met up with the chief of police. He escorted us to what I thought of as a the poor part of town. Trash lay along the streets and the houses are old and worn down. He pulled over and used his car to block the street We proceeded to minister in middle of the street, we had a crowd gather, and we had a movement of people giving their lives to God... in middle of a street in Peru. Right then I knew I was meant to be in Peru.

7/23/05 we were in Lima and we pulled up near a park that at one time I'm sure was full of beautiful flower beds and trees. Now all that is there is dirt and dead remnants of a better time. Needless to say I didn't see much potential. The gangs in the area were supposed to be pretty strong. Local gang members played in the soccer court. Our translators said it wasn't a very good area... we started walking towards a market place... we set up a sound box. This made it easier to preach because the city is so loud, Cars are constantly honking horns, and people are yelling; we have the sound box set up and we start to minister. This site sticks in my mind because the people were hanging out windows over looking the market place to hear every word we said. At the end when we asked if any one wanted to give there life to Christ people up in the windows raised their hands and prayed the sinners prayer. I was shocked by the gang bangers walking up asking questions, a group of them gave their lives to Christ. it really touches you to know you made a difference in someones life; from that moment on life will be a little different for those people and for me. That place didn't seem like much good would come to it and that the people wouldn't be open to what we had to say. I guess some times its not what you expect but what God has planned.


We went to a hospital where sick people come in and out every day. You don't know sick until you have seen it in a third world country. We were getting ready to leave a site when we decided to go talk to this little old lady who was sitting with 2 kids. We talked with her a little while and she gave her life to God. We asked her why she was at the hospital; she said she had been having chest pains for a few weeks. We asked to lay hands and pray for her.. she said that would be ok. We started to pray for her and when we were done she was crying and she said it didn't hurt any more. She was so moved by the whole thing she kissed each one of us an abundance of times. She was an amazingly warm woman.

These are just a few stories, more will be coming. Thank you for your time and prayers. I will probably return to Peru next year, along with others who were with me.

It is nice to know the next generation is seeking and finding God's best.

Jesus is Lord!