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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Opiate Of The Masses


One thing Marxists and Randian objectivists agree on. They have not seen God, they have not touched God, he therefore must not exist.

I however have met God, I have seen God, he has touched me, I have watched him work. The handiwork of God is all around us, if you care to take off the blinders of arrogance you will see that evidence.

I can not see or touch Marx or Rand, I can read their books and understand their thoughts. I have friends that are Marxists, I have spent a fair amount of time with folks that knew Rand. I believe Marx and Rand existed. I believe Marx is an archaic industrial age phenomenon that will hardly be a historical foot note in a few hundred years. I think Rand was brilliant, but was quite wrong about several things. I see it as a sign of mental laxity to fully agree with any human, the opiate for a lazy mind.

Marx could decry religion as the opiate of the masses, Rand could say God can not be proved. That does not change the reality; I know God, I have read his book, I talk with him constantly. If you knew the God I know, you would want to spend time with him too.

You too can know God.

If you know of God, but have not experianced his presence, you can.

Discover the real you have missed.


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