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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Open Your Heart To Jesus

You may have to open your mind also.

It is time to take a big step back.

We all have a lot of things we hold to be true, that are not true.

I spent my early years in a church. There were some fine folks there, some strong believers there, and a lot of social activity.

In my teens I left church, and drifted through various religions and philosophies. I was too smart to believe all that Christian stuff.

In college I was at my peak of ignorance, because I thought I was so knowledgeable.

I found when I decided to check out the church again that much of what I had learned did not line up with the Bible. I had to do two things to find God.

I had to open myself to instruction, reading the Bible and asking God to instruct me in it.

I had to open my mind to new thoughts, I found the "facts" I had been taught in school did not necessarily line up with reality. Again I asked God to instruct me.

The questions have been answered. Of course now I have new questions.

But I know that Jesus Christ lives, I converse with him frequently, I have been involved in miracles with him.

An atheist might as well try to convince me I do not exist. I err, therefore I know I am.

If you honestly want to know if God exists, grab a bible, head for a quiet spot, and ask God to help you read it. The Bible is straightforward, the Holy Spirit will lead you into understanding.

There are things I know to be true. There are things I believe to be true. There are things I will discover I was wrong about.

We will be as surprised in Heaven by who is there, as by who is not there.

This I know for sure.

Jesus Christ loved you enough to die for you, he loves you enough to instruct you if you will ask.

Open your heart to Jesus.


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