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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Homosexual marriage


Not a big deal.

Let it happen.

It would be a problem if it were a homosexual Christian marriage; just like it would be a problem if it were a gossiper's Christian marriage or a talking trash about your brothers Christian marriage. A Christian Marriage does not co-exist with sin by design.

If someone is not in Christ everything they do is sin, not just one thing. All they have is whatever makes them temporarily happy, let them have it. Don't join them, there is no reason for you to trade the growing joys of a relationship with Jesus Christ for the diminishing pleasures of entrapment to sin.

In the church we are not to continue in sin, we are to try and escape it. - Pray.

In the world they have a choice,
accept Jesus Christ, or live their life of quiet desperation.

If you do not know Jesus as your savior and lord, you are missing the great joy of this life. Yes, there will still be difficulties, but you will have someone to share the load. Traveling with the companionship and support of God can make your entire life journey a wonderful adventure.

Whatever those outside of Christianity do is their own business, not ours. Only if they intrude in our lives should
we speak out.

If you spend much of your time condemning others,
look to see if you are really in Christ Jesus.

Those outside the Church should not be more free than everyone else, but they should be just as free as any of us. Take control of the sin you know you have in your own life before you condemn others. You have no right to try to control those outside the church, none.

Unless of course they interfere with other's


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