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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is America Christian?


The short answer is: - no.

A somewhat longer answer that is somewhat correct: - America is a post-Christian nation.

The best answer is that no nation can be Christian. Christianity is about an individuals decision to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nations can not make that decision.

Every person gets to choose, for themselves, if they will follow Christ.

There can be a national decision to follow Christian principles, but the application of those principles will always be flawed. The Bible is God's love letter to his people, those that do not know his love will misinterpret his words.

Most in America believe they are Christian because of something they do or have done. They were born in a Christian family, they go to a church, they were baptized, or maybe their father was a preacher. Many feel that believing there is a superior being is all that is necessary to be Christian.

The Bible says Satan believes in God, and trembles. Belief in God is not enough. You need a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. That relationship is based on what God has done.

Check out this page to find the basics of Christianity.

Corrie Ten Boom said it well, "Just because you were born in a garage it does not make you a car."

Just 'cause you go to church or live in America it does not make you a Christian.

So how can America be a post-Christian nation?

There have been revivals in the past where huge numbers of Americans found a personal relationship with Jesus. Bars closed not due to pickets or laws, but resulted from folks finding it was more fun and fulfilling to attend prayer meetings then get drunk.

In those periods Americans as individuals, or areas of America, made the commitment to follow God. For now, those time are history.

For now we are left with this:

  • Have you made your choice to follow Jesus?
  • If you have accepted Christ as your savior, are you praying for revival?
  • Are you following your loving God's guidance?
Jesus loves you more than you love yourself. God is smarter and wiser than you are. If you want the best for yourself and everyone else, follow where the Holy Spirit leads.

The only person you can be sure is a Christian is yourself. Commit to Jesus, - he has made the commitment to you.

America is not Christian, - but you can be.

Jesus is Lord


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