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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weakness of the Flesh


It is so easy to just taste something we know is bad for us.

It is so easy to turn an excuse into a reason. - " Bob asked me out, I know he is not a Christian, but I can witness to him, and he is sooo cute."

With reasoning like that we open ourselves to trouble.

"Some of the guys like to go out drinking after work, they said they would avoid the stripper bar if I went with them. It is just a social thing, and I may get a chance to share with them"

Tell me when I stop preachin' and get to meddlin'. That is about the time I stop talking about another's temptation and get to your favorite temptation.

Think of the joy and authority you experience in a prayer meeting, - are you going to approach that in a bar?

What is more likely; the guys get you drunk and change bars, - or in a bar you convince them it is more fun to pray? How do you say no next week, or will you?

Bob may not only be sooo cute, he may be a really nice guy. What happens if he refuses your God, but you fall in love with him? Do you think life with an unbeliever will be easy and/or rewarding? - How about asking God to send in workers to lead him to Jesus, - first.

You not only can err by marriage to the wrong person, you can marry the right person at the wrong time.

Now think of that temptation that is right in front of you right now.


Focus on your first love, - Jesus.

Why trade the growing joy of your life in Christ for a few tempting pieces of diminishing short term pleasure.

Yes, Jesus will take you back, but you may wander so far you may forget the joy you now have, or give up on reclaiming that joy.

Our life in Jesus Christ is not a position we have attained, it is a direction we are traveling. Stick to the narrow path less traveled by.

Jesus is Lord.


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