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Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm Not Smart Enough


Someday we will know as we are known.

For now too many things, too many wonderful things, are a mystery.

The Trinity is one of those mysteries.

One God, three persons; and our relationship to him.

Christ on the cross, and what his shed blood did for us.

The Holy Spirit that convicts the unsaved of sin, aids the saved, and fills to overflowing those that seek the fullness of God in their lives.

We have trouble understanding our relationships with other humans, how are we to understand our relationship with God?

It is a relationship based on trust and love. God has paid a price to have that relationship because we are important to him; he is not willing that any should perish.

I know God, I know God's love, what I don't know is how to explain the joy of that relationship to you. I also lack the simple words that will convey to you the road to trusting him.

One man plants, another waters, God brings in the harvest.

I have written pieces, here and here, about developing a relationship with God.

I just don't know how to convince you to take that second step. Jesus already took the first step toward you. Step out and meet him, a simple and sincere word of prayer is all the introduction you will need.

God will take it from there.


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