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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Agnostic Seeks Answers

How do you prove God exists to someone that doesn't believe God can be proven to exist?

I have just received an email from an agnostic fellow (MM) that asked me if I could help him find God.

Let us assume MM is honestly an agnostic, and not just another atheist out to make sport of other's beliefs. I do not mind the atheist darts mind you, they do give a direction for prayer, and sometimes they do hit a worthy target.

Scripture is plain that someone plants, another waters, and the Holy Spirit brings forth the harvest.
The pressure is on God to create the harvest - we just play gardener.

A first step then is to pray that God will send other workers to
this particular field. God knows MM's heart, God knows MM's needs, God knows how best to reach MM; if MM is receptive.

Agree with me right now for God to reach MM.

A second step is to pray and ask Jesus what he would have us do; then we need to do it.

Although I will continue to pray for MM, regardless of his sincerity, I will request one action of him - to keep an open mind.

A reasonable test of his openness is to read my opinions page. Nothing there is absolute, but if MM's preconceived opinions cause him to not even consider alternate opinions, there is little my scant knowledge alone will be able to do for him.

That leaves the third step; turning MM over to the Holy Spirit to convince him of his sin. If he will respond to that, the little water I've added to the soil may help his faith to sprout.

MM, this Wednesday message is just for you.

MM, we are praying for you.

Jesus is Lord!


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