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Friday, September 29, 2006

No Place For Arrogance

The enemies of the cross have enough arrogance for all of us.

Mankind as a whole is ignorant. We flaunt our small pieces of knowledge like a child whistling through the graveyard. By delving into specialties we learn of processes and terminology that those people outside of our social enclave are unfamiliar with.

While this can make us feel superior, it just demonstrates the limits of our individual knowledge, a few snatches of math or vocabulary can set us apart.

Into this dark world of self inflated egos we now thrust the light of the simple good news.

God is smarter than we are, God is wiser than we are, God loves us more than we love ourselves. Knowing just this we can demonstrate the start of wisdom by coming to God and asking him to guide us.

God's love has already provided a route into his presence - through his willing sacrifice made to purchase our adoption into his family. Jesus Christ died for the punishment our actions, my actions, your actions, have deserved.

All we have to do now is decide to accept his sacrificial payment and ask God to direct us as we walk this life - and then follow his direction.

Those that account themselves as mighty, wealthy, and learned may find this repulsive. They would have to admit that the small differentiation they think sets them apart is really of small or no consequence. They would rather be blind to truth than shed the arrogance that covers their eyes.

The second thing you can do to understand your relationship to God is read The four gospels at the start of the New Testament and the book of the Acts of the apostles - also within the Bible. You will discover God's plan, how to act, and start to understand how great a wisdom has been made available to you.

Father God,

We ask that you remove any blinders we have self installed that limit our vision.

Lord we will read the Bible so that we may come to recognize your voice - knowing your word is both love and truth. Guide us to the truth. Forgive us of our many shortcomings - and of our tendency to dwell on the small differences that set us apart from our brothers.

We ask that we be guided by your love and wisdom within our whole life, and that we may be wise enough to share your love with others.

In the Name of Jesus Christ we ask - knowing we will receive your blessing.