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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A strange request

This is not normal for this prayer journal.

Read our previous entries to see how different it is. If this is not for you - move on.

There are some out there that need some hope of cash flow.

This is
not a request to give to our ministry, if you don't want to give - don't give. God sees to our needs with an abundance beyond for our giving.

However if you need some encouragement, if you want to investigate a business while seeking to earn a living - click here.

This business is a people business - you will succeed by teaching people how to teach people.

There is only one thing God is taking off of this world - people.

A warning also seems in order - this one is a cut and paste from our main site links page.

When dealing with fellow Christians, understand they are fallible. The best of intentions may not compensate for inferior skills, training, or equipment.

Fellow Christians may believe what they tell you and be wrong or mislead. Use discernment to select services; wolves may also claim to be sheep.

Do not select services solely on the basis of professed faith; Use all the facilities God gave you, especially prayer. Guard your relationship with Jesus, let him guide you on the paths you should travel.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105

Pray and see how God directs you. Let God be your guide - he loves you more than you love yourself.


We come to you in obedience.

You know our needs, and more importantly you know us.
Science pretends to understand, but at best it just plays at the edges of knowledge.

Complex systems are beyond our understanding. We may be able to measure, predict, and quantify - but our world is too complex to understand beyond selected surface generalities.

We ourselves are a complex system.

We come to you now dependent on your wisdom, intelligence, and love - guide us - talk with us.

In Jesus holy name direct us in the way we should go ---


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