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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Right Now

Anthropologists like to talk about primitive cultures that have no words in their vocabulary for the past or the future - they live in the present.

Of course you don't need the future or past tense to think about the future or past. A tribal leader could properly say "There is little rain, pack up the tents, we are moving to the river."

That sentence is based on memories of the past - and looking forward to better prospects at the river.

Our language may be a bit too complex. It is easy to mentally dwell in the past wishing it was different, or in the future wishing for change. Perhaps we are overdeveloped and the supposed primitive correct.

It may be trite, but reality is in the present, what we do now will determine the future.

Lord God,

You are the I Am That I Am, the God of our present.

We do not ask what is next lord, we come to you and ask -- What now?

We have your promises, and know that you will keep your word.
Help us to make our decisions when they make a difference - in the present.

Lord please speak with us and direct us.

What now? ---


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