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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Taste Of Humble Pie

It is so easy to get an inflated opinion of ourselves.

We know a bit more about a subject than most others - perhaps with degrees in science, business, or theology.

we might be a bit smarter than most - good grades may come easily.

Maybe we are better at sports or with tools than others.

We can find our attributes easily - and other's faults even easier.

The difference in all of us is exceedingly small - when measured against the optimal. Much like we are all about the same size - when measured against the size of the Earth.

Today I overheard a couple of laborers talking. They were discussing Christianity in partial sentences, labored thought apparent in their conclusions. Their conclusions however were drawn from the Bible and were solid. They might not have known the proper theological terms for what they were discussing - they didn't need fancy words.

I realized these thoughtful laborers could be closer to God than myself, and have a better understanding of who they are in Jesus Christ than I do.

We are human and full of faults and errors, it is our very nature. God works with each of us as individuals, and helps us according to his plan for us.

He works on my faults according to his time table in his order. He is smarter and wiser than I am, and he loves me more than I love myself - I do not come close to his attributes - but I can follow his advice.

That is true for all of us - we all fall far short of the measure of God - in that we are all very close to each other.

We did not make God in our image - he made us in his image.

God is who he is - we can learn how to grow closer to him - he has already paid the adoption price.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. James 4:10

It is easier to be humble if we realize how close we are to each other, and how far we are from God.

Father God,

We come to you knowing that you are, and that you reward those that diligently seek you.

God - the scripture says you are no respecter of persons - our rank, wealth, or accomplishments do not effect your view of us - neither does the lack of rank, wealth, or accomplishments.

We come to you as we are, knowing that you consider us from our position within your son Jesus. We seek to understand you and ourselves better.


We know you love us, we thank you for the huge sacrifice you made as an adoption price to purchase our way into the family of God.

Thank you that we can come to you right now - as we are - and you will help us clean up our lives. We realize that acquiring forgiveness is a one time decision based on acceptance of Jesus Christ.

We also realize cleansing and optimizing our lives will be a life long pursuit, we turn ourselves over to your guidance.

Holy Spirit,

Thank you for calling attention to our faults and need of God prior to our accepting the Lordship of Jesus. Thank you now for directing our study of the word, helping our understanding of who we are - and who you are.

Fill us to overflowing with love - let your love pouring out of us be the measure of our accomplishments within you.

We love you lord, because you first loved us, we continue this discussion with you now understanding that you will assist our communications ---

Lord ---


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