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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Choose Today Whom You Will Serve

Father God,

We Love you.

Thank you that we can learn to have healthy relationships from and with you.

We are selfish, you have been giving - while retaining what is essential.

We change without reason, you have been constant in love.

In all things you have acted with love, both giving and withholding according to your greater wisdom.

You know what is best for us - have the Holy Spirit guide us - help us to listen, that we may walk according to your perfect will.

Thank you that you are not controlling - but are directing us with wisdom and in love.

We wish to restrain ourselves - that we may better reflect your presence in our lives.

Our love for you is a reflection of the love that you first gave us.

We pray that others may see this love shining from us and desire a relationship with you also.


It is with joy that we approach you.

You gave so much, and we enjoy such privilege through you, that we are in awe of the process.

That you have made this privilege available to all that seek you causes us to be filled with wonder.

Help us to share the joy and authority endowed through our relationship - so that others may apprehend that which has apprehended us.

We recognize also that you have rescued us from a life of futility and an eternity separated from you.

You have given us a choice to follow you; and dwell in heaven - or to follow Satan - and dwell with him in his punishment in Hell.

Jesus you sacrificed yourself to prepare the way for us to enter heaven.

We therefore turn away from following Satan and this world's empty lusts and misguided goals.

Instead we in love and joy choose to follow you Jesus.

Jesus Christ - you are by choice our God - not by place of birth or by other's demands - but by our own personal choice.

Holy Spirit,

We know you appeal to those that have not accepted Jesus to turn away from sin and toward Jesus Christ.

We know you dwell with those of us that have accepted Jesus to teach and comfort us - we make ourselves available to you now.

We ask that you further fill us to overflowing that others may be touched by you through us, and that we might exhibit the power of God in our lives.

Lord God,

You are the same - yesterday, today, and forever.

We ask that we may approach that constancy. Help us to remain in your presence.

We continue this discussion and prayer now - dwelling with you in your love ---


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