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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You and God together can accomplish anything


Father God,

Thank you for caring for us.

We know you have made the earth and the fullness thereof, and we know you have made it and us for a purpose.

God we ask that you will lead us into that purpose that we were created to fulfill.
With you all things are possible

We thank you in Jesus Christ's holy name.

Amen (so be it)

The fullness of the Earth was created by God.

Our lives have a purpose. As individuals we each have a way of completing marvelous achievements. You and God together can accomplish anything.

God has the power, but he has given authority to mankind on the earth. That leaves you several choices.

  • You can choose to go it alone - and try to understand the spiritual.

  • You can unite with Satan and his fallen angels. Satan and his demons understand the spiritual and will use your authority to their ends - and your unpleasant end. Satan is but a creature. He is without power and without authority - except for what he steals or is loaned.

  • You can unite with God and use your relationship with him to learn how to apply the authority he has given you - this is by far the strongest combination. God is the creator - not a created being with delegated authority.

You and God together can accomplish anything.

Spend time in prayer - conversation with God - seeking and learning.

If you feel powerless to effect change, spend time with God who has the power. Reading the Bible teaches us to recognize God's voice and to understand the aspects of the authority we have available.

If you want to explore a relationship with God - click here.


We thank you for your overwhelming love and sacrifice - made so we may have a relationship with you.

Holy Spirit lead us into knowledge as we read the Bible. We wish to study and to learn of our potential. Guide us and direct us into the truth.

Father God we come before you right now. We are joined with other believers, regardless of distance or time, to converse and discover your perfect will for our lives.

We ask that you reveal yourself and your plans for us ---


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