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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Life is to be lived

"It is surely harmful to souls to make it a heresy to believe what is proved." - Galileo

The question is -what has been proved?

Most that I have heard argue for
Intelligent Design are compromisers. They have a limited idea of where science fits into faith or faith fits into science. ID seems to have been created to fight evolution - not to offer a truth.

There are other choices that fit the science - I'll list but two.

The first is so simple it may seem facetious. Adam and Eve were both created as fully mature individuals - the earth may have also been created mature. We know there were dinosaurs - we can sum up this theory by saying Adam may have had a belly button.

The second takes the contested prehistory records and puts them back on their feet. The Earth and its inhabitants are not evolving - they are decaying.

Devolution makes much more sense than Evolution. So much more sense the subject is avoided by those that are uncomfortable with a theory that incorporates a possibility of a creator.

We know systems are not self ordering.
Devolution accepts that God created the universe - and it has been decaying ever since.

Intelligent Design as I have heard it explained -has avoided staking a claim for Biblical inerrancy by compromise. Evolutionary Theory as I studied it has compromised away from proved science such as entropy, and from logic, to fight faith.

There is room for many other theories - and
current science will accommodate many more.

We are still in the dark ages.

Father God,

we come to you knowing you are, and that you are a rewarder of those that diligently seek you.

We seek you now.

We ask for you to have patience with us as step by step we individually overcome our many errors. You know our frame - that we are but dust.

Yet God you have created us with a holy purpose, that we might join in your family as your adopted children - this is indeed glorious.

Teach us today as much as we can learn - we know that this learning in itself will be a joy.


We put away temporary and declining pleasures that can even for an instant separate us from the growing joy of our relationship with you.

Thank you for forgiving us again when we fail.

Lord teach us to accept truth - your word is truth.

Holy Spirit,

lead us now as we come before the throne of God, call to remembrance the word of God and its meaning in our lives.

Father we enter before you now, you who placed the stars in the heavens and the breath in our bodies.

God we ask to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, your son, that you willingly sacrificed as our adoption price into your family.

In the name of Jesus we come to you now to converse with you, we enter in with joy ---


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