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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Love Of God

Love is not weakness.

God has done all that needs to be done to free you. It is now up to you to leave your folly and become wise.

Hell is prepared as a punishment for Satan, not for you. To miss Heaven you have to ignore what Christ is offering and continue to actively avoid the truth.

I saw a fine list of Libertarian quotes the other day. Many Libertarians believe in honest rational intellectualness, many are also atheist since they can't prove God. What was funny is that in this list of quotes were several lifted directly from scripture - and the author was listed as anonymous. They so wanted to avoid association with scripture that these dedicated truth seekers hid from reality - and lied to themselves. I'm reasonably sure if this is pointed out they will remove the quotes rather than acknowledge their origin.

God is mercy and love, but he is also the author of free choice. You can choose to seek God and discover his love and your joy - or you can choose whatever else you wish. There are some awfully attractive traps out there.

It is your will that counts in your life - if it was just God's will it would already be determined.

I know God is real because I know God.

You to can choose to avoid him and disdainfully create fine sounding excuses - or you can meet God tonight.

You too can know God is real because you know God.

Lord Jesus,

We thank you for your sacrifice that bought us acceptance into the righteous presence of God.

You have made it possible to be adopted into the family of God.

Jesus we seek you right now.

You know our needs, you know our weaknesses, and you are the answer to all of them.

We ask that you will help us to see from an eternal perspective.

We turn from our pointless and diminishing pleasures to enter into the ever increasing joy of a relationship with you.

Jesus -- please show yourself as real to me -- tonight.

In your holy name lord Jesus we ask you to instruct us in your truth.


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