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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Thank you lord that we can come to you and talk with you.

We need your direction lord -- you are smarter than we are, wiser than we are, and you love us more than we love ourselves.

God I pray that I will be nimble, responding quickly and concisely to your direction. Help me to be willing to walk away from projects I deem important, and eagerly start new projects of even greater importance.

In Christs Holy name -- Amen

Read Acts Chapter 8

In short Philip escaped the persecution in Jerusalem and fled to Samaria. In Samaria God started a great work of revival through Philip. Word got back to the Jerusalem church and they sent out Peter and John to assist Philip, and to instruct the Samaritan church in the fullness of the Spirit.

In the middle of this great work, Phillip was sent by an angel into the desert. I love this passage - Phillip hears the direction to leave in verse 27:
And he arose and went.

The Ethiopian Queen's treasury secretary - or the historical equivalent - met Philip on the road, on the secretary's way home from Jerusalem. Their talk resulted in the creation of the Ethiopian church.

Notice that the chariot was coming from Jerusalem - home of the church; yet God sent Philip from Samaria to reach him.

There are a lot of wonderful points that could be made from this story, including the happy ending for Philip, but there is one that stands out.

God may stop the great work you are involved with, and send you on a greater work. He is big enough to take care of all the loose ends. When he calls:

Arise and Go.


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