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Friday, July 21, 2006

God Of The Individual


God is not the God of Countries, the God of Societies, The God of Churches, or the God of Families

Jesus Christ came to redeem you - as an individual.

If your relationship with God is fully defined by the group you are in - you have no relationship with him at all.

Your salvation is not based on a rule set published by any group, or having your name on the roster at a particular establishment.

God wants to relate to you as an individual - you must meet him as an individual to relate to him.

This is not some mass call to a world of sinners to repent, this is a call to you to enter into God's best for you. The Holy Spirit is directing you to Jesus Christ -- right now.

God is who he is - he is not some invented focal point to be used for manipulation. You must come to him as the person you are to learn of the person he is.

You are not beyond redemption - no matter what society or organization you have been affiliated with.

It is time to affiliate with God himself.

He has come to you - open the door.