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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mid week service, Jesus Is Lord!


Not only your savior, but also your Lord.

If all you do is accept Jesus as your savior you have done yourself a huge favor for eternity. Being saved is only the beginning. Jesus loves you very much, more than you can or will love yourself. Jesus wants what is best for you, and he already paid the price to acquire it. Surrender your need for petty little decisions that just kinda feel ok at the time; do what Jesus asks you to do. It is always for your benefit.

Are you unsure it is Jesus talking to you? You will know when he talks if you know his voice. Learn to recognize the voice of God by two exercises. Read the Bible, his word, read it a lot. Pray without ceasing, learn to dwell in the presence of the most high. Grow in your relationship with God. You recognize the voice of those you spend time with, those with whom you are close. Get close to God, he wants to be close to you.

There are times you will wonder if God is leading. Those are the times for more prayer and the seeking of guidance from mature Christians. When it is important and God speaks, there will be no question, you will know. God will also confirm what he says; De 17:6, Mt 18:16, IICo 13:1. When you know it is the Holy Spirit leading, act. Following God's will is to your benefit. God is big enough to make your obedience work for your benefit, the benefit of everyone around you, for the Church's benefit, and for his own benefit. God is wise, smart, good, and strong; and he seeks to demonstrate that in your life.

Love God, accept his love, act in his love. At Junior Partner Ministries we will continue to follow Jesus; join us in following him. God is big enough to make even our mistakes turn out well, if we are moving in faith, and continue to follow him.

If you feel God calling, but have not found where and how you are called to serve, Pray. You may also wish to take a course or two at our Bible school, at BFU. The classes are available for free. The grand opening of Bastiat Free University is anticipated for June 29, 2005. Come visit now, you can help us by testing the systems. Let us know what you think.

Learn more of God, learn more about love, learn to listen to the voice of love. Spend time with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Lord!


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